Babaloo Bio and Lyrics Breakdown

Babaloo plays a unique brand of international dance party music. Babaloo originated in Jamaica Plain, MA, a multi-cultural enclave of Boston, where the music of local punk rock bands mix with the sounds of Mambo, Bachata, Reggaeton, and Merengue that emanate from car stereos, front stoops, and bodegas. Their music is rooted in Latin and Afro-Caribbean styles, such as mambo, cha cha cha, samba, reggae, ska, and African soukous combined with the energy, presence and irreverence of the best punk rock. Babaloo creates music that is truly infectious in an atmosphere that resemble a trip through the southern hemisphere with Johnny Rotten or Joey Ramone as your tour guide. They are truly a one of a kind experience.

Babaloo is:
El Presidente al Dente AKA B – lead vocals and percussion
S. Goody – freebass
Captain Kickass – guitars and vocals
Washtub AKA Shubs – drumset, timbales, and vocals
Nova AKA Ned Zeppellin – congas, percussion, and vocals
Max Factoria – trumpet and percussion
D AKA John Lebanon – trumpet and percussion

And now for some of our hip shaking lyrics!

Chickie Boom
Babaloo International
Chickie Chickie Boom, you’ve been a bad bad girl, na Chickie Chikie Boom you didn’t share your toys, Chickie Chickie Boom you’ve a bad bad girl. you’ve been a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad Wooohhhhh. Chickie Chickie Boom you got a lo o’class and itty bitty titties and a great big ass, but all these good things won’t help you if you’re so mean to people around you, all these good things won’t help you with such a shitty attitude. Tudo bem, tudo mal e uma coisa natural eu ti vi na tv en um programa cultural falando de bacalao en um pais tropical voce estava muito Linda, estava muito sensual. Tudo bem tudo mal e uma coisa radical, cuando voce dansa samba qualquer dia e carnival aie que bonita menina que beleza infernal teu rebolado gata bota fogo no quintal.

Let’s Call Baba
Babaloo International
It’s 4 am and Furioso has lost his head. Let’s call Baba cause he’s alive when they’re all dead now. He’s gonna be making a dress or a jacket. snorting, drinking, smoking, chez Baba c’est la fete so,
Let’s call Baba, oh oh oh oh. Let’s call Baba yeah.
Babatunde c’est notre amigo Yoruba. Behind his sewing machine, he’s awake all night. na Furioso grab his phone and say let’s call Baba. You know if we go there, it’s gonna be alright, so,
Let’s call Baba oh oh oh oh. Let’s call Baba, yeah
Hey man, you know how to get to Washington Street? Hey Juani man, get in cause we’re getting a ride now. This dude is drunk. I jump on the passenger seat. Take us to Baba man. Take a left and a right now.
Let’s call Baba.

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