Creating music for a new world

When people think of music they think of sounds that form together to form something magical. Music has been around for as long as people have been around – and we have been making music since as early as we were using rocks – using not just our mouths but basic objects around as instruments.

However as we progress – in this blog I am only talking about music with a voice over an instrumental. As you can imagine – what makes a song popular is not just how good the melody is – or how talented the voice star is – but also what is being said. As you can imagine it is important to capture the zeitgeist – or in other words – what is most popular. Keep in mind that when you hear pop stars sing on your television and their highly subscribed to YouTube channels it’s not just a great song – it was written by someone else – and the rights to it purchased for the belief that it tackles current issues and stays in the zeitgeist.

So I wanted to talk about how music has progressed but let’s take something very simple.


For you see in the past there were many songs that referenced cigarettes but now as we get older and more mature as a society cigarettes in songs are on the way down – it is quite an interesting way to look at things – the truth is that most of these songs are no longer in circulation. Now days you would find it more likely that someone will sing about a Bare Brush then they would about cigarettes.

Of course drugs are still on the table – when it comes to capturing that popular zeitgeist a musician is always having to content with many different factors – and in the end many of those factors are outside their control. To become a popular musician requires having a number of attributes – and some of those may be there while others may not.

So we have to content with music for a new world – and especially in these highly politicized and divided times you also have to look at what can be said and about who – and how that will impact your user base. Unfortunately – with so much research being done about customer tastes it’s no surprise that so much music is bland and unoriginal – the same thing being done over and over again.

However we hope that our album will continue to be authentic and insightful for all those that have enjoyed it. We definitely didn’t have a research team however we liked what we heard so we put it out as an album.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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