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Babaloo’s newest release contains 15 of the BEST Babaloo songs ever. The CD was recorded at Make Shift Studios in sunny Jamaica Plain, MA and includes “Salsaton del Guevón,” “Logan,”Martine,” “O’ Congo ,” “Reggaeton del Guevón,” “Chicky Boom,” “Muchacha Cha,” “Rumba pour Maman,” “Caca d‘lo,” “Let’s Call Baba,” and “Tahiti / Alé Alé Babaloo Ayé”.

Order I’m in the Nude for Love “I’m in the Nude for Love”

Hardcore Juju is 10 original Babaloo songs including a cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s Couleur Cafe. The CD was recorded at BlueJay Studios in Carlisle, MA and includes “Counting Money Thumb Cut,” a samba, “Ale Ale,” decima style, “Doumame,” “Mama,” and “Petite Megan,” all soukous stylee songs to the Congo via Jamaica Plain, “Lollo,” a bossa nova, “Sherkahn” AKA the Rub’a’Dub of the MSPCA, “Pepino,” Puerto Rican Dancehall, “Trabalengua,” Puerto Rican Parranda style and a cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Couleur Cafe,” soukous stylee.

Order Hardcore Juju “Hardcore Juju”

Babaloo’s second release was recorded within Sherwood Forest in Bedford, MA. Stand-out cuts include Smith Crankshaft and el Presidente al Dente’s bossa nova “Ichiban,” rhumbasoukous smash “Cherry Yo Yo”, boogaloo favorite “Boom Boom,” reggae with “Pepe,” skacheesy “Skamambert,” “Ay Ay Ya,” a reggae-dancehall tune and much more. Check-out the album the Boston Globe said was “Easily the most danceable keyboard-less album of album of 1999.”

Punk Mambo
“Punk Mambo”

The album that got the whole thing started. Babaloo unleashes to the world punkmambo / hardcore juju on this groundbreaking album. Contains Punkmambo classics “What’s in the Banana,” “Crack Crack,” “Your Dough,” “Driving to the Beach,” “Butcher’s Ghost,” “Tan Lang” and so many more. Check-out the album the Phoenix said “harvests a wildly insurgent sound entirely of their own making.”